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Set for filling-in deep wrinkles and softening expression lines. SAVING £84.50

Cream contains internal tissue redensifiers and skin fill-in substances. It is reinforced with skin-lifting agents.
Serum is a specific product for relaxing the expression lines around the eye contour. It contains a combination of skin-lifting agents and skin fill-in substances, which produce an immediate face-lifting sensation. Its rich pearl micro-pigment content intensifies the light and reduces expression lines immediately.
Wrinkle Inhibiting Concentrate is the new intensive anti-wrinkle ampoule. It contains three powerful decontracters in synergy which will make your skin shine with a smoother and more wrinkle-free appearance thanks to its faster and longer-lasting anti-wrinkles action. If your skin has wrinkles and expression lines, this is your best option as maintenance for, or a cosmetic alternative to, interventions with botulinum toxin.

Full Size Corrective Cream 50ML
Full Size Corrective Serum 30ML
Full Pack Wrinkle Inhibiting Concentrates 7 x 2ML