• Image of Power Hyaluronic Christmas Set 2018

Christmas Set for dehydrated skins. SAVING £35

An intensive facial moisturising booster - A hyaluronic acid concentrate of very low and high molecular weight.
A facial moisturising emulsion or cream - Formulated with a high content in hyaluronic acid of very low and high molecular weight.
Renewal Peeling Concentrate - the new leave-on peel ampoule from Skeyndor. This new concentrate moisturises and brightens your skin and is inspired in the best aesthetic medicine peels. Its formula with 15% acids helps to soften thick skin and skin with pores or acne scars.

Full size Power Hyaluronic Booster 30ML
Full size Power Hyaluronic Cream or Emulsion 50ML
Full pack of UNIQCURE Peeling Concentrates 7 x 2ML