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Power Oxygen set for asphyxiated and fatigued skins due to the lack of oxygen that are constantly found in polluted environments. SAVING £51

Power Oxygen Serum - anti-toxic solution for face and neck. Its formula combines active detoxifying, antioxidant and protection against urban pollution, for a more intense global purifying effect.
Power Oxygen cream or emulsion - for skin that is suffocated and fatigued due to lack of oxygen. Formula with high content of Perfluorocarbon, molecule traps oxygen, its formula combines actives of oxygenating, pre-biotic and protection against environmental pollution, For a ruminant revivifying oxygenating effect.
UNIQCURE SOS Recovering Concentrate - a rescue ampoule with calming effect, at your disposal. It helps to balance, calm, protect and comfort your skin in depth, especially sensitive and reactive skin and skin with a tendency to be atopic or to couperose.

Full size Power Oxygen City Pollution Block + o2 Cream/Emulsion 50ML
Full size Power Oxygen Pollution Barrier-Boosting Serum 30ML
UNIQCURE SOS Recovering Concentrate 7 x 2ML